How to Create Disk Partitions in windows?

To create Disk Partition in any Windows, Follow the steps below:

⦁ Click Windows + R. This will open Run Command Window. Enter diskmgmt.msc as shown in below image: Click OK

⦁ Now you will see, Disk management console.

⦁ To Create New Disk partition, right click o C: on which your OS is installed and select Shrink Volume as shown below:

⦁ Now enter the amount of space to shrink in MB and Click on Shrink.

⦁ This will create an unallocated space of the amount mentioned by you in previous step.

⦁ Now, Right click on the unallocated space and select New Simple Volume.

⦁ This will open New Simple Volume Wizard as shown below:
Click Next

⦁ Note in the below image, the simple volume size is same as the unallocated space. Click Next

⦁ In the next window, Note “Assign the following drive letter” This will be your drive(here D:). Click on Next.

⦁ Here, File System must be NTFS. Enter the Volume Label, the name you want to give to your drive and click next.

⦁ This is the last window where you can review the settings of your drive. Verify settings and click Finish.

⦁ You have finally created your disk partition (here D:)

How to Merge Disk Partitions?

In order to merge two Disk Partitions, you must first backup your data from the disk which you want to merge.
Here, Consider that we are merging D: into C:
After you have backed up your data, Follow the steps below in order to merge two disk partitions:
⦁ Click Windows + R.This will open Run command window. Type diskmgmt.msc and click Ok to open Disk management console.

⦁ Now the Disk management console has opened.

⦁ Right Click on the Disk to merge (here, D:) and select Delete Volume.
⦁ It will prompt you to confirm. Click Yes.

⦁ After Deleting Drive, It will create a unallocated space.

⦁ Now select the drive which you want to extend or merge this unallocated space. Right click on it (here, C: )

⦁ Extend Volume Wizard will open. Click Next.

⦁ Here, note the drive space which you want to merge is correct. (probably it will be correct). Click Next.a

⦁ Review you settings and Click Finish.

⦁ Now you have finally merged two disk partitions.

How to determine Operating System of your computer?

This tutorial help you in determining Operating system of your computer – if you are using a 32-bit or a 64-bit operating system.

In order to determine this, open start menu


and right click computer.


Then, select properties. A dialog box appears as follows:
Here you can see that you are using Windows 7 ultimate (for example). Note the “system type”
Here you can find the system type: 32-bit operating system. This means that you are using 32-bit operating system.

How to create new machine in Virtual box?

This tutorial is about installing a new machine in virtual box.

Virtual Box is a free software provided by oracle. You can download it form its official website and install on your computer/laptop. After you have successfully installed Virtual Box on your computer, Launch virtual box and follow the instructions below to start creating your machines:

1. Click on New tab present on the upper part of the window.

Screenshot 2014-01-31 19.27.43

2. Now it will prompt for the machine name. Write the name as of the windows. Set type to the type of operating system you are going to install. Note that Version must be the name of the operating system.

Screenshot 2014-01-31 19.27.47

3. Here we are, for example, going to create a machine with Windows server 2008. Note its type as Microsoft windows and Version as Windows 2008. Click Next.

Screenshot 2014-01-31 19.28.03

4. In this step, Set the memory size, that is, the ram of the machine you are going to create. Default is the recommended value. This may vary depending on the operating system you are going to install on the machine. Click Next.

Screenshot 2014-01-31 19.28.07

5. Here it will ask you for creating a virtual hard drive. Select “Create a virtual hard drive now” and click create.

Screenshot 2014-01-31 19.28.11

6. Now select the Hard drive type. VDI is the default hard drive type and the perfect one for the virtual hard drive. Click Next.

Screenshot 2014-01-31 19.28.19

7. Now select you storage to be either dynamically allocated or fixed. Selecting dynamically allocated will create a hard drive which can increase its space as the space gets low while selecting fixed will keep hard drive space fixed. Click Next.

Screenshot 2014-01-31 19.28.22

8. In this step, Select the space of the virtual hard drive. Default value is 25GB. Click create.

Screenshot 2014-01-31 19.28.28

9. Now you have finally created your new machine. This has been illustrated in the figure below:

Screenshot 2014-01-31 19.28.42

The last process is installing operating system in this machine. You can follow upcoming tutorial in order to install operating system.


How to install Virtual Box?

This tutorial helps you in installing Virtual Box in you Computer or a Laptop.

In order to install virtual box, you need to first download Virtual box available at its official website.

After you have downloaded Virtual box, Double click on the setup and follow the instructions below:

1. After you Double click virtual box setup, Setup wizard opens up. Click Next.

virtual box setup

2. Now select the location where you want to install Virtual box. Click Next.

virtual box setup1

3. Select the shortcuts you want to create. Click Next.

virtual box setup2

4. Now it warn you for Network Interfaces. During installation you computer/laptop may disconnect to internet. Click Yes.

virtual box setup3

5. Now it will ask your permission to install virtual box with your customized settings.

virtual box setup4

6. Your installation has now begun.

virtual box setup5

7. You have finally installed virtual box on your computer/laptop.

virtual box setup final



How to install ISO Compiler?

This tutorial refers to installing ISO Compiler on your Computer.

There are various ISO Compilers available Online. You can easily find them. One of them tested by eGyaan is being illustrated here.

Image Burn is a free ISO Compiler and easy to you. To install ISO compiler follow the instructions below:

1. Download the software form the imageburn official website.

2. After you have downloaded the software, Double click the software which you downloaded.

3. ImgBurn Setup Wizard opens up. Click Next.


4. Now read and accept the terms of licence.


5. In Choose components, Select the options as shown in figure below:


6. Now select the path where you want your setup to be installed and Click Next,


7. Here choose the name of the shortcut you want to create in start menu. Click Next.


8. Now choose the installation type. Selecting Express will also install some additional software. If you do not wish to install them, you can select custom installation.


9. After selecting Custom installation, Deselect install search protect and click Next.


10.It will ask you to install Tune Up utilities. If you do not want to install it in your computer, you can deselect accepting the terms. Click next.


11. You can now see your installation in progress. This will take few minutes.


12 .It will then ask you to receive automatic updates of the software. Click Yes.


13. Now that you have completed your installation. Click Close and you can start creating your ISO images.