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How to Merge Disk Partitions?

In order to merge two Disk Partitions, you must first backup your data from the disk which you want to merge. Here, Consider that we are merging D: into C: … Continue reading

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How to determine Operating System of your computer?

This tutorial help you in determining Operating system of your computer – if you are using a 32-bit or a 64-bit operating system. In order to determine this, open start … Continue reading

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How to create new machine in Virtual box?

This tutorial is about installing a new machine in virtual box. Virtual Box is a free software provided by oracle. You can download it form its official website and install … Continue reading

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How to install Virtual Box?

This tutorial helps you in installing Virtual Box in you Computer or a Laptop. In order to install virtual box, you need to first download Virtual box available at its … Continue reading

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How to install ISO Compiler?

This tutorial refers to installing ISO Compiler on your Computer. There are various ISO Compilers available Online. You can easily find them. One of them tested by eGyaan is being … Continue reading

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How to Create ISO Image?

This tutorial refers to creating ISO image. To create ISO image from windows files which you have with you, follow the below process: In order to create an ISO image … Continue reading

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